We would like to thank all of our guests for many years of support. We closed the restaurant on the 8th October, thirteen years to the day.

Our Friends

From the wonderful team growing our vegetables, the cider makers, the potter who makes our food look that much more beautiful, to the cheesemakers we can see across the valley; any success the restaurant has had over the years would not have been possible without these folk.


The Legend Of Barley Wood

Mark Cox has been at the walled garden since 2008, two years before our arrival.

Mark is committed to regenerative agriculture, ensuring the health of our soil is improved upon year on year. This directly impacts the nutrients and quality of the produce we cook with and serve to you every day.

Mark is an incredible man and has been integral to Walled Garden’s success over the years.


Barley Wood Orchard

Our friends, Mike and Issy at Barley Wood Orchard, grow apples in the orchards that surround our garden walls. They produce some of the best cider and apple juice in the South West. Their keeved cider is a collective favourite of ours.


Our Foragers

The knowledge we’ve gained foraging the wilderness has been passed down through the generations of teams that have worked with us over the years.

We now rely solely on our team gathering what we need for the restaurant from the wilderness. The team can often be found foraging the woodlands and hedgerows throughout the Mendips. The ever-evolving nature of our menu is largely thanks to our team’s love of the natural world.


Meat, Fish & Shellfish

What little meat we showcase on our menu is impeccably sourced; either straight from the wild, or direct from small farms that rear slow grown native breeds on deep rooted, ancient grasses and herbs.

Our fish and shellfish is sourced responsibly from the best sustainable suppliers around the UK. Our fish is predominantly killed 'ikejime', giving us the best possible quality of produce to celebrate.


Delightful Tipples & Sips

Our wines are sourced through small independent suppliers, supporting sustainable wineries that champion ancient methods of winemaking. Our wine list is predominantly natural and biodynamic, and showcases many special winemakers and grapes of the South West. Limeburn Hill, Aldwick Court and Dunleavy Vineyard are all within 15 minutes of the restaurant, whom we are delighted to work closely with.

Cocktails and non-alcoholic preparations are all made in-house by our talented team. We use local spirit producers and wild ingredients to create drinks designed to enhance your dining experience with us.


The Talent Within These Walls

Barley Wood Walled Garden is also home to many creative folk, From Bill, the amazing potter, to florists, glass makers and artists. We highly recommend taking a wander through the site to discover these incredible folk for yourself.